NRG Greenboard Installation Procedure

Installation Procedures NRG Greenboard Walling System
This manual provides information on the correct procedures and materials to be used for the installation of NRG Greenboard Walling System over standard framed and solid structures. The drawings and details are provided to assist building designers in specifying the correct design and detail of the NRG Walling System. These details cover most common applications. If the details are to be altered or new ones proposed please contact NRG to discuss the changes. Failure to do so may void the systems warranty.

These components that make up the NRG Greenboard Insulative Walling System are.

• Screws and washers
• Vapor permeable sarking
• NRG Greenboard
• NRG PVC beads
• Polymer modified render
• Reinforced mesh
• Texture top coat

These components form part of the complete system and must not be substituted with other possible nonconforming materials.

Timber and Steel Framing
All timber and steel framing should conform to the relevant Australian Standards, as well as the local standards for structural requirements including wind loadings and bracing.

NRG Greenboard is not a structural material and therefore should not be considered or used as a bracing material.

Existing framing
When ‘over-cladding’ existing timber buildings, inspection should be carried out by a fully qualified person, to identify any deterioration or infestation by wood boring insects. Although NRG Greenboard is impregnated with an effective insect repellent, it will not arrest or prevent further infestations of the timber framing structure. Where necessary, repairs must be undertaken to ensure that the timber substrate is sound, straight and true.

Back Blocking (Off Stud Joints)
Where horizontal fixing of sheets ‘off stud’ join are to be made, it is necessary to back block as follows.

i. By fixing an ‘off cut’ of stud  material vertical, (widest face facing outwards) and  securely
nailing to bottom plate and noggin. Alternatively, between noggin and top plate, making sure to glue both Greenboard sheet edges with Bostik No-More Nails and fixing through each sheet into the ‘black block’ with washers and screws at maximum 300mm centre’s.

ii. Alternatively, horizontal ‘back block’ using ‘off cuts’ can be placed at maximum 300mm centre’s, following the above procedure except that, with the two sheets in place, take ‘off cuts’, smear with Bostik No-More Nails over one face, place ‘off cuts’ against the Green board sheets and screw through face of Greenboard into ‘off cuts’, pulling both sheets into alignment.

Solid Blocking of Fitting and Accessories
Consideration should be given to the installation of wall mounted accessories i.e. taps, electrical fittings, etc. It is important to allow for adequate backblocking for these items prior to the installation of the NRG Greenboard.

Electrical Cables and PVC
Cables penetrating the NRG Greenboard Walling System must be installed in conduit or ducts sealed to the cladding or have a sheathing containing migration resistant plasticizer. Cable manufacturers should be contacted for details of suitable cable types.

All flashing to wall openings, roof sections and parapets etc. to be installed prior to the fixing of NRG Greenboard Walling System and is always capped off at the bottom edge of the Greenboard sheet using a Starter Bead  in accordance with good building practice and together with any requirements of the BCA. NRG Building Systems take no responsibility or liability for flashing or installations.

Fitting NRG Greenboard Walling Panels

I. Before commencing to fix panels check that the frames are straight, all windows and flashings are correctly installed and solid backing blocks are in place where required.

II. Timber frames must have a moisture content of less than 15% before Greenboard panels are fitted, horizontally (preferred) or vertically.

III. Measure and cut Greenboard Sheeting using a straight edge and masonry diamond blade in a standard power saw (use of handsaw not recommended).

IV. Glue both horizontal and vertical Greenboard sheet edges to each adjoining sheet using
Bostik – No More Nails / Power trigger foam.

V. Fixing NRG washers and screws at 450mm stud spacings horizontally and 300mm spacings vertically (see fixing table for hight spacings) : -Greenboard sheet lay horizontally, comprising of five (5) rows fixings vertically.
1st – When making butt joint, each sheet is fixed individually to the back-blocking or vertical noggin, corresponding with the above fixing set out.

VI. ‘Infill’ small areas with Greenboard (e.g. above and below windows, etc.) – It is
recommended to use a minimum height of 300mm to allow for adequate fixing.

VII. Allow 3mm gap between Greenboard panel and openings for bead and sealing procedure ((Refer Table 17.1.15 Beading))

VIII. External corners – Greenboard sheets are overlapped the full thickness of the sheet and glued using recommended construction adhesive.

Curved walls
40mm and 60mm Greenboard panels can be fitted to curve walls with a radius greater than 2-4 metres’. Where a tighter radius is required use multiple layers by laminating 2 x 20mm thickness Greenboard panels (off set joints).

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints allow for movement within the building and avoid unsightly cracking within the wall areas. Expansion joints must be provided where NRG Greenboard lengths exceed specified dimensions (see table). In addition, it allows for affording an opportunity to ‘weather seal’ such junctions.



NRG Greenboard Specifications

Fixings – Accessories

Cutting and Tools Required

Gluing and Sealing


NRG have a full range of UV stabilized PVC beads specifically designed for Greenboard cladding .use only UV stabilized beads for external application.
N.B. External and internal ‘rail edges’ must be precise to ensure a uniform complete ‘fit and finish’ in readiness for sealing as well as rendering.

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Greenboard Accessories

NRG Greenboard 40mm – 60mm – 75mm
Showing unique diagonal grooving system – Advantages better key for rendered surface, in addition to allowing the inner surface to breath against the sarking membrane.

3mm Render Bead

Application, used in composite construction i.e. fibrous cement, textured sheeting adjoins Greenboard finished surface.15 Sill Bead x 40mm & 60mm width x 6mm build x 3000mm
Reveal Bead 40mm – 60mm – 75mm
width x 6mm build x 3600mm – Application, Window Reveals/Control Joints
Starter Bead 40mm – 60mm – 75mm
width x 6mm build x 3000mm – Application, slab, high set, above  roof
Stud Fixing & Washers
Timber Fixing and Metal Fixings

 N.B. Screws are to be Galvanised or Treated (Class 3)

 All NRG PVC Washers and Fixings are required at 300mmMaximum centres – Refer to Page 9 DWG 1.0

 Extreme environments – consideration should be given to

the use of T316 Stainless Steel Fixings

Foam Adhesives
Application – Installation of both Sunhoods & Blades, ideal for filling minor chip corner etc.
Powers – Expanded Trigger Foam
Power(s) Foam Cleaner(s)x

Masonry Fixings
a simple but effective method of fixing Greenboard to masonry surfaces

NRG Greenbaord Mesh
Reinforced, alkali resistant, fibreglass 160g/m mesh

NRG 3B Greenboard Reinforced Render
Modified polymer cement render. Just add water.

Sunhood & Blades Fixing
Sunhood & Blade Fixing
Galvanised Brackets
Coach Screws (Timber)
Anchor Bolts (Masonry)
Purlin Bolts (Steel)

Waterproofing Membrane
Apply over finished rendered surface to waterproof NRG Sunhoods … prior to application of texture paint finish.

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